Clearing Your Lawn for an Enjoyable Summer

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Your summer fun can all but depend on clearing your lawn correctly. The grass alone needs to be taken care of. But you also need to watch out for bugs. So, here are a few tips to get started.

Have a Clear Out

Sometimes your home and garden can get away from you. And things can kind of pile up. This can happen more coming out of colder months since you aren’t as active outside when the weather is bad. But before you can enjoy your outside space, you need to clear anything dangerous or unsightly; old furniture, trash, and even cars are common. You can have your old cars towed by local services. And the rest just requires some extra time and effort on your part.

Care for the Grass

An emerald green lawn is the epitome of summer fun at home. But it’s harder than you might think. Of course, the weather affects the grass. But there’s also an issue if you have trash and other things dotted around. Your grass might also be looking a little wild and weedy if you have neglected it for a while. So the first step is to clear it of anything. Then dust off the lawn mower and cut it, paying attention to the edges. Then feed it with some product and sow more seeds.

Make It Safe when Clearing Your Lawn

Your lawn can become very dangerous when it is overgrown and neglected, so look out for some common dangers. These include trash that has blown in, sharp things such as broken glass, and even wild animal droppings. Some animal droppings, such as from dogs, can be especially dangerous to children. Also, be aware of common wild plants that are also dangerous such as Oleander, Hemlock, and Foxglove. Even beloved daffodils are toxic when swallowed.

Give It a Bug Spray

Bugs are a vital part of a wild ecosystem in your garden. And some play a vital role. But no one wants bugs all over them. If you intend to spend a lot of time on your lawn, it can help to give your garden a quick spray with a non-toxic pesticide such as Diatomaceous Earth. You can also make a homemade bug spray from natural ingredients. A good organic spray is made from lemon eucalyptus, lavender oil, and witch hazel. This will also help with spiders in your home.

Make a Suitable Sitting Area

A stunning lawn is inviting. But you can’t spend all your time sitting on the grass, and you may want to entertain guests. So it helps to make a safe and spacious sitting area for enjoying your garden. Patios and decking are popular these days, and both can add up to 10% value to your home. This is great if you plan to sell further down the line and can make you some extra money. But the value of time with friends and family they can offer is pretty much priceless.


Clearing your lawn is essential to enjoy it in summer. Begin by clearing it of anything you don’t need. Pay attention to making it safer while doing so, and make space for sitting outside.


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