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Got Clients Coming? Here’s How to Impress Them!

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It takes a lot of time and effort to build a client list and if you have clients coming to visit your office, you need to do all that you can to impress. You want to build strong business connections and that means that you can get any deal sealed in a timely manner. 

Even if you do have a good pitch and a way to present it to your clients, you still need a little ooh lala to really help them to see why your business is the one that they should go with. From paying for corporate transportation to lining up an evening of entertainment, impressing clients can happen in many different ways. Making a poor impression is going to cost you business overall and that’s something you can absolutely avoid. So let’s take a closer look at how you can impress your clients the next time you have a meeting. 

  • Bring a gift. Everyone loves to receive gifts right? Well, your clients are no different. A little wooing can go a long way and you can bet that you’ll find it much easier to butter your clients up with the right gift. This means nothing tacky, nothing labelled with the logo of your business and nothing cheap. This should be a gift you can tailor to your clients interests. 
  • Prepare yourself. Are they coming in by plane or train? Are they heading in on a helicopter? You should book corporate travel options to get them from their arrival destination to your office, and you should ensure that they can do it in style. Whether that’s done by yacht or by luxury limo, you should prepare yourself properly and get to understand their itinerary in advance. 
  • Do your homework. Clients coming to meet you are going to be looking out for what you can offer above and beyond anyone else. Need to brush up on your knowledge of their competitors and once you do this you can bet that you’ll be able to provide them with better information about you and why what you offer is different. 
  • Keep positive. You want to wine and dine to get the desired outcome here, and that outcome is to impress clients. Keeping yourself as positive as you can with this one will ensure that you get results. Make eye contact, keep the conversation going and ensure that you are actively listening. Practice those active listening skills when your client arrives and you won’t regret the effort you’ve put in. 
  • Be relatable. By the end of the visit you want your clients to know that you are open to negotiate and discuss terms. You can do this by keeping the conversation going and opening the chat about your next contract with them. Don’t be afraid to do this because this is your chance to shake on a new deal.

Wooing clients is all about showing off. Once you have the deal set, you will know you impressed your clients in the best way.

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