Like a Quiet Office? Address these Common Issues

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The workplace is a shared place, and because of this, everyone has the right to feel comfortable without distraction to get on with their work. But some things disrupt the quiet office? Eating at desks and smartphones are among the worst culprits. But here are a few more to consider.

The Building’s AC and Vents

This one may not really be on you, and your office owner is responsible. However, you can report a loud AC or banging vents as soon as you notice them. Bugging everyone aside, damaged AC units pose a health risk, too, linked to sick building syndrome because they can spread bacteria. Fortunately, you can trust Ambient Edge with your AC repair jobs that need to be done ASAP. If only for the sake of keeping everyone sane and getting on with their jobs.

Ban Eating and Drinking at Desks

Eating and drinking at desks is unhealthy, unsanitary, and plain annoying. Of course, there are smells associated with food and drink, and not everyone loves a fish sandwich like you do. And some can’t stomach the smell of coffee. Then there’s the chewing and slurping sounds. Dear lord, is there anything more annoying? If smells and sounds are causing a grumble at your office, it might be time to enforce eating area designation rules away from the work area.

Phones On Silent for a Quiet Office

It’s 9 am, and you have had one of those mornings. You were nearly late, you skipped breakfast, and it rained. However, you make it in on time, and you settle at your desk to begin the day’s work. All is fine. But alas! What’s this you hear? Axel F from Beverly Hills Cop begins blaring all over the room because a colleague is having a midlife crisis; Day. Ruined. And this is only the beginning of an onslaught of annoying ringtones for the day. Ban them, and save lives.

Older Office Equipment

The sounds of typing, mouse clicks, and computer fans from one desk probably won’t do much to annoy anyone. But what if that is multiplied by tens, dozens, or more? That can add up to a sizable decibel level. So if things are getting a bit loud for some people’s liking, it might be time to replace older equipment. New office PCs are almost silent, modern touch typing keyboards aren’t nearly as loud as older mechanical ones, and good-quality mice have adjustable clicks.

Absolutely No Music

We all love music. But music is exceptionally subjective, and what one person loves can be like needles in the eyes of someone else. And it isn’t fair to subject people to music they don’t like. Even though 80% of the office loves hearing classic 80s, there are others who can’t stand Madonna, George Michael, and, oh no, Rick Astley. An office should be fun and engaging, but music isn’t the way to do that. And an annoyed worker isn’t going to be very productive today.


A quiet office is a lively place to work. There are no distractions, and everyone can get on with their jobs. Loud AC, new office equipment, and banning ringtones and music will all help.


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