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A Gentlemen’s Guide on What to Wear to a Country Club

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Ready to fire a few golf shots, enjoy the fresh air and leave your worries behind? Well, there’s no better place than one of the many wonderful country clubs. Whether you’re trying to impress clients or find new ones, the welcoming vibe and friendly competition make for an excellent business round.

But the question is, what is the country club attire for me? It’s not a typical business outfit, so it might seem daunting to get it right.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at what to wear to a country club and how to wear them.

The Right Shoes

Shoes are an essential part of any wardrobe, and proper footwear is especially vital for a visit to a country club. For an intelligent look, opt for either dress shoes or smart leather loafers.

Avoid exotic leathers, eye-catching prints, and a lot of added embellishments. Constructed of quality materials and in muted colors and finishes, it helps maintain a classic, refined look.

If it’s warm outside, a pair of stylish boat shoes can work well as long as they’re kept in good condition. Also, avoid casual shoes like flip-flops and sandals unless advised otherwise. Above all, keep your shoes polished and in good condition for a wise, stylish look.

The Perfect Blazer

When looking at the part while visiting your local country club, donning the perfect blazer is essential. It is vital to choose a blazer that is both comfortable and fashionable.

Look for a blazer in a wool blend with a collarless lapel and two-button closure. To ensure the fit is right, always choose a blazer that flatters your body type.

It is also wise to opt for navy or grey for a timeless, classic look. Don’t forget the subtle detailing: look for blazers with horn buttons, subtle pinstripes, tonal lining, and two slant pockets.

The perfect blazer should be timeless and stylish. It should act as a statement piece that is both comfortable and classic. This will help you dress for success while visiting your local country club with the proper blazer.

Well-Fitting Slacks

A gentleman should always dress when visiting a country club, and slacks are a great option. The key is to find a pair of well-fitting slacks, it helps you look polished and professional.

When choosing the right pair of slacks, you should look for ones that are classic and made from a quality fabric such as wool or cotton. The slacks should have a proper fit and correct length to give you a neat and polished look.

Additionally, accessories are vital when going golfing to a country club, and a belt and pocket square could elevate your look. Slacks for a country club should tailor to fit your body and be fashionable yet timeless.

Take these important details into consideration. It will make all the difference when dressing for a country club.

Golf Shirt

Golf Shirts for men are essential for any gentleman’s wardrobe when dressing for a country club. It tailors for a classic fit and comes in many colors, crafted from premium fabrics with subtle detailing.

The breathable material ensures comfort, while its sleek design ensures elegance. It also features a moisture-wicking treatment which keeps you dry and comfortable on the golf course. Its tailored design ensures both comfort and class while providing an air of sophistication.

When paired with the right accessories, such as an immaculately-rolled pocket square, you exude an air of distinction and refinement. With its stylish look and easy maintenance, the Golf Shirt gives the modern gentleman an elevated look, ready for a round of golf or a casual outing at the country club.

Sharp-Tailored Suit

When attending a country club event, a tailored suit is preferred for a gentleman to dress. A well-tailored suit should come from lightweight fabrics, like wool, that can resist wrinkles and keep you comfortable.

The suit should be slim fitting to create a more professional look. Consider other details like selecting a suit with a notched or peaked lapel and double or single-breasted buttoning.

Opt for colors such as navy blue, black or grey – everything should be solid tones so that you look more formal. To finish the look, accessorize with a leather belt, pocket square, dress socks, and a pair of well-polished leather dress shoes, such as Oxfords. 

Wind Breakers

A gentlemen’s guide on what to wear to a country club should include information on windbreakers. Windbreakers are versatile and stylish pieces you can wear inside and outside a country club. They provide a way to stay warm and stylish while becoming appropriate for a formal setting.

Windbreakers come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and fits. Look for a windbreaker that comes from a lightweight fabric to provide a breathable layer. For most country clubs, neutral, earthy tones like navy or grey are the most acceptable. 

Additionally, a windbreaker should complement the rest of the outfit. A colored shirt underneath and wise trousers will help bring the look together. Remember to always stick to banned items which can vary from country club to country club; for instance, cargo pants or tracksuits.

Dress Shorts

When choosing what to wear when golfing to a country club, gentlemen should always select stylish and appropriate clothing. Dress shorts can be a great option as long as a gentleman is mindful of the length of his shorts.

Opting for shorts that hit around the knee is an excellent choice as they are professional yet still allowed by a majority of country club dress codes. Consider the material of the shorts should, as choosing a light, breathable fabric can provide stylish comfort.

For those who wish to dress up their shorts, adding a belt, a tucked-in polo shirt, and a pair of canvas shoes can give the outfit an elevated feel. By paying attention to details and selecting tasteful clothing, dress shorts can be an excellent option for a Gentleman looking to make a positive impression at a country club.

Follow This Guide on What to Wear to a Country Club

In summary, a well-put-together outfit goes a long way toward respect and appreciation for the guests and staff of a country club. Wearing appropriate golf attire is vital to creating a pleasant atmosphere and appreciating the environment in which one finds oneself.

Dress with respect and class to make a lasting impression of a true gentleman. For help deciding, check out our guide to what to wear to a country club.

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