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I had the opportunity to meet Aigerim Nesteruk, a beauty from Kazakhstan who is married to her business partner Mykola Nesteruk who is from the Ukraine. Nesteruk is tall in stature and has the strong exotic features of a goddess. Like most women, her dream was to get into the beauty business, and she sure has.  “Yes! It started with my passion for drawing, and I was interested in eyebrow makeup. I discovered eyebrow microblading and started taking classes to learn everything about it. I slowly started to take a few classes with different permanent makeup artists, and I got my tattoo license leading me to working at a salon in Downtown Manhattan as a permanent makeup artist. As I worked in the industry for a few years, I decided it would be good to start my own business. My husband was learning body sculpting at that time and was very supportive of my decision. We decided to combine these services and open a little beauty studio after we both got our aesthetician licenses in 2021 and that is how A & N Beauty Bar was born.”

I know several of your client’s that go to your place for different services. “Although it’s a little beauty studio, we offer many services such as permanent makeup services that include microblading, powder brows, permanent eyeliner, and lip blushing. We also have body sculpting treatments that include full body lymphatic drainage therapy, cavitation, RF lifting, HIFU treatment for body, and vacuum butt lifting. We offer facials: Hydrodermabrasion, oxygen therapy, carbon Laser peeling, HIFU treatment for face and neck, and face lymphatic drainage therapy. Lastly, we offer microneedling, laser hair removal, and laser tattoo removal. 

RF lifting and HIFU treatments are giving the best results according to our client’s reviews. Double chin RF lifting gives and instant result and only gets better with time, as well as HIFU treatments if you follow all of the instructions of our specialists.”

Men are really into beauty and anti-aging treatment. “Yes, we have several male clients who come to us for emsculpting, RF lifting and cavitation. I think it is wonderful that men want to look and feel good just like the way the ladies do.  Bravo to them! Nowadays, most people whether male or female, are really into noninvasive beauty treatments and rather not go under the knife. Noninvasive treatments have very little downtime and gives you the most natural result.

Nesteruk shared some of the most important beauty tip which is to use SPF creams or sprays daily including during the cold weather months. “Tanning your skin will result in making you age faster and will cause your skin to sag. You also need to be careful of skin cancer.” She also had some advice to the younger generation. “Don’t wait till your 40’s to start taking care of your skin and overall health. Taking care of your skin must be the same as brushing your teeth, a daily routine.  You also must eat a well-balanced diet, exercise, and drink plenty of water. This will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

The best thing about A & N Beauty Bar is that in this competitive business, they work hard and do a combination of treatments to get the results their client’s want to achieve. 

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