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What Are the Best Split Level Home Remodel Tips?

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It’s been a long day, you’ve had quite a few, and now all you want to do is come home, remove your shoes and relax in your comfy couch.

Ah, did we just put you into an architectural mood? Maybe you’re planning on remodeling your home, or maybe you are dreaming about something new.

Well, we’ve put you into it now, didn’t we? Maybe you should start reading up on those split level home remodel tips to get your home remodel journey started!

But wait, this sounds like even more work!

Well, it’s up to you how much work you want to do. You have a few hours to spare and want to build some character? Or do you enjoy building things, following instructions, and making things that are actually yours?

In any case, here are some split level home remodel tips you can use when designing a house.

Change the Paint Exterior

Remodeling the exterior paint on your split level home is a great way to add value and improve the look of your home. When you start to think about the best tips for this type of remodel, the first thing you want to consider is the color selection.

The best way to go about this is to research the current trends and choose a color scheme that will coordinate with the architecture of the house and compel attention. You want to choose something that complements the surrounding environment and one that stands out.

If you’re not sure what colors to pick, it’s recommended to consult a professional painting contractor who will be able to make suggestions based on your tastes. Additionally, you should take the time to research the kind of paint you would like to use.

Quality paint is important in order to achieve the best results. Before starting your project, make sure to take all the necessary safety measures and directions provided by your paints manufacturer. 

Apply Polyurea Concrete Coating

Split-level home remodel tips that involve polishing the concrete surfaces should definitely include applying a polyurea concrete coating. Some of the advantages of polyurea concrete coating is that it’s extremely easy to apply, offers superior protection from abrasion, UV rays, and staining. It also increase home value.

It is also incredibly low maintenance and will make your concrete floors look beautiful and new for many years. Polyurea is best applied by using an airless sprayer, as this ensures an even and consistent application that won’t trap dirt.

When applying the coating, remember to properly prepare the surface first in order to prevent the coating from cracking and bubbling over time. Make sure to read the application instructions carefully to get the best results.

Add Trim Outside; Adjust It Inside

The best split level home remodel tips when it comes to the “Add Trim Outside Adjust It Inside” approach is to have a vision for the look of the home – with both its exterior and interior. Without a vision, it can be hard to implement this approach.

Start by selecting the style of trim to be added outside. Once this is picked out, measurements should be taken to determine the size of trim pieces needed. When finished adding the trim outside, move inside and tweak the architecture to suit the trim.

This could be through paint, wallpaper, architectural elements, and more. This approach increases the value of the home and creates a more cohesive overall look. With careful attention to detail, this approach can create a remarkable space within the home.

Rethink the Entryway

Rethinking the entryway of a split level home is one of the best remodeling tips to give a home a fresh look. Start by evaluating the stairs leading to the entryway of the home. Remove any carpet or worn siding and consider replacing the stairs with a modern material.

When replacing the stairs, consider incorporating a wider landing or a statement handrail. Upgrade the door by selecting a material like steel or glass. Darker materials can help give the home an updated look.

Finally, consider lighting options, such as entryway sconces or a pendant over the entryway area. This will give a modern and inviting entrance that is sure to draw compliments from guests and visitors.

Brighten It Up

When it comes to split level homes, the best remodel tip to “Brighten It Up” is to open up the floor plan. Removing some walls to make the rooms feel bigger can be an immediate way to add brightness and brightness.

If possible, replace dark, wood-paneled walls with painted walls, preferably light colors. Incorporating natural light sources such as skylights or large windows will also help to open up the space and bring in more light.

Another tip is to enhance the lighting wherever possible. Swap out old fixtures and dull light bulbs with brighter and updated options to lighten the mood in your split level home. Finally, add interesting textures and color to complement the existing room.

Hang colorful artwork, add cushions to a chair, or put in cheerful area rugs and carpets to create visual interest while softening the space.

Upgrade Technology and Safety

Floors and stairs should be assessed for safety, with any loose carpets and slippery surfaces replaced or leveled. Electrical updates should be checked by a professional, and ground fault circuit interrupters should be installed.

Additionally, consider updating to energy efficient appliances, such as upgrading outdated windows to energy efficient ones. Make sure the wiring systems are up to code as well.

Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed, and if you have a security system in your home, make sure it is monitored and in good working order. Consider the installation of a smart home system that allows you to control electrical items with your voice or device. 

Learn From These Split Level Home Remodel Tips

Split level home remodel come with special considerations. You’ll need to plan carefully and work with a contractor for the best results. For ideas on where to start, consider leveraging natural light, focusing on the front exterior, and taking advantage of the space’s unique characteristics.

Get started improving your split level home today!

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