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Best Suits and Dress Alternatives for Brides

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Tradition dictates that brides wear beautiful flowing wedding gowns on their special day. But modern brides are opting for alternatives that not only reflect their style but provide comfort and versatility as well.

Suits, jumpsuits, and other non-traditional options have gained increasing popularity among brides-to-be, making an impressionable statement without breaking tradition on this special day. In this article, we explore some of the top suits and dress alternatives for brides looking to make a statement on their big day.

Non-Traditional Dresses for the Bold Bride

Brides looking to make an unusual statement should consider non-traditional and unique wedding dresses, as alternatives to the standard ballgown or sheath wedding dress. Here are a few non-traditional dress options worth exploring:

High-Low Dresses

High-low dresses are an increasingly popular trend for brides looking for the best of both worlds in their bridal look. These dresses feature shorter hemlines in front and longer trains in the back, adding drama while remaining comfortable to move in.

Colored Dresses

White isn’t the only option for wedding dresses. Colored dresses in shades like blush, champagne, or even bold colors like red or black are gaining popularity. These dresses can reflect your personality and add a pop of color to your wedding. In fact, according to a survey, 68% of women spent less than $1,000 on a wedding dress, 40% of which being ivory dresses, and 10% champagne. 

Vintage and Boho Dresses

Vintage and bohemian dresses make an excellent choice for brides who appreciate the aesthetics of bygone eras. These dresses often boast intricate embroidery, delicate lace details, and flowing silhouettes to bring a sense of nostalgia into their look.

The Rise of the Bridal Suit

One of the hottest trends in bridal fashion today has been the bridal suit. The bridal suit offers a chic, sophisticated look while providing comfort and mobility that traditional gowns lack. Below are a few reasons why brides have fallen for this alternative option:

Comfort and Mobility

Bridal suits are often tailored with comfort in mind. Brides-to-be can dance the night away without feeling restricted by a heavy gown, making for an easy wedding experience and unforgettable celebration. A well-fitted suit may be exactly what’s needed to keep brides comfortable throughout their special day.


Bridal suits provide infinitely customizable looks that reflect your individuality and style. Mix and match different pieces to craft something truly tailored to you and your sense of style. From classic white blazers and trousers to colorful blouses and accessories, the possibilities are limitless. Plus, you can easily wear the suit again for other formal occasions or even to the office, making it a practical investment.

Breaking Traditions

When it comes to their wedding, many modern brides choose to break away from traditional wedding norms, and a bridal suit is a bold way to make a statement. It challenges stereotypes and celebrates individuality. If you’ve always longed to wear a suit on your special day, or simply wish to make a statement, a bridal suit could be just what’s needed to stand out and create the desired impact.

The Jumpsuit: A Stylish and Contemporary Option

Another alternative to the traditional wedding dress is the jumpsuit. This piece of clothing has gained popularity for its contemporary and sleek appearance. Here’s why jumpsuits are an excellent choice for brides:

Effortless Style

Jumpsuits exude effortless style. They provide an elegant, modern, and minimalist aesthetic, perfect for dressing up or down with accessories. You can choose a full-length jumpsuit or a shorter romper, either way, your wedding day look will be chic and on-trend.


If you’re planning an outdoor or destination wedding, a jumpsuit could make a suitable outfit. It’s easy to move in and won’t drag through sand or grass. Practicality can be invaluable if you’re holding an unconventional ceremony.


Jumpsuits are ideal for brides who enjoy dancing. Your jumpsuit will allow you to move freely without worrying about tripping over long trains or being burdened by heavy gowns so you can truly embrace every moment of celebration.

Accessories to Complete Your Look

No matter what type of outfit you choose for your big day, accessories can elevate and complete the look. Here are a few must-haves for brides:

  • Statement jewelry. Bold statement jewelry can transform your bridal outfit. On your special day, wearing beautiful jewelry can make you feel like royalty. From sparkling necklaces and dramatic earrings to eye-catching bracelets and shimmering rings, choosing just the right accessories can transform you into an absolute princess.
  • Veils and hairpieces. Even if you don’t choose a traditional gown, adding a veil or hairpiece can add romance and elegance to your appearance. 
  • Stylish footwear. Remember your shoes. Comfortable yet stylish footwear is essential when wearing a jumpsuit or suit. Opt for elegant heels, chic flats, or even trendy sneakers, depending on your style and comfort preferences.
  • Bouquet. A beautiful bouquet always completes the bridal look. Consider unconventional bouquet options such as wildflower bouquets, succulent arrangements, or even just one stunning bloom for something truly original and unexpected.

Final Thoughts

As bridal fashion continues to advance, brides now have more choices than ever when selecting their wedding attire. From suits and jumpsuits to non-traditional dresses and even unconventional garments like bridal suits or chic jumpsuits, brides have more ways than ever to personalize their special day and embrace individuality. 

If you’re thinking about adding a bit of color to your wedding attire, you can also get inspiration from traditional wedding dresses around the world. When planning the perfect look for your big day, remember your attire should reflect who you are as an individual. This way you can make sure the celebration is truly unforgettable.

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