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Many women find significant emotional and psychological benefits from breast reconstruction, but the personal decision may be made depending on the individual’s preferences, medical condition and personal circumstances. Doctor Anna Steve of Neinstein Plastic Surgery Center gives some medical insight into the world of reconstructive breast surgery, specifically after cancer treatment. According to Stanford Medicine, reconstructive plastic surgery is “usually performed to improve function, but may also be performed to approximate a normal appearance.” 

There various reasons why a woman may consider undergoing a breast reconstructive surgery including:

  • Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer may increase the need for a mastectomy or the removal of one or both breasts. 
  • Genetic Disposition: Weill Cornell Medicine scientists find women with BRCA1 or with BRCA2 gene mutations are at  greater risk. 
  • Cosmetic: Women may want to change the appearance or look of shape or form. 
  • Self Esteem and Image: Better fitting clothes can boost confidence and emotions. 
  • Trauma: Injuries can play a role in damage or injury to the breast tissue. Reconstruction brings shape back to life. 

Doctor Anna Steve, explains, “Patients seeking breast reconstruction revision surgery often feel very conflicted. On one hand, they feel like they should be grateful to be cancer-free. On the other hand, ongoing functional or aesthetic concerns related to their reconstruction are a reminder of their breast cancer journey and can prevent patients from “‘feeling whole again’.” Furthermore, she clarifies, “Revision surgery for patients with breast cancer is extremely common. Rates are slightly higher for women undergoing immediate breast reconstruction (either with direct to implant reconstruction, or autologous reconstruction with their own tissue.”

Breast reconstruction revision is “a very individualized approach.” Doctor Steve additionally reminds patients. “The thought process during a reconstructive breast surgery consultation is patient-driven. The right reconstructive method for each patient depends on the cancer treatment required (for example mastectomy vs lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation), as well as the patient’s anatomy and goals.”

Unfortunately, many women may face obstacles receiving the treatment they desire. Doctor Steve emphasized, “Many breast reconstruction practices, particularly at large academic institutions, prioritize primary reconstruction and immediate reconstruction patients, as these are often patients with active cancer diagnosis.” Therefore, “Patients with longer term functional and aesthetic concerns may face longer wait times at many of these institutions.” What makes Doctor Steve so exceptional and to give such attentive care is that she believes “Helping these women achieve the final aesthetic…and avoid excessive wait times is extremely rewarding and an important part of my practice.” 

 It is also important to continue to be a self-advocate in your own healthcare treatment and make informed decisions. Doctor Steve reminds patients that common issues or complications correlating alongside breast reconstructive surgeries include possible breast asymmetry, capsular contracture, implant rippling and implant malposition. In some cases, implants are in the wrong position, may have extra skin, or an unnatural breast shape. Reconstructive surgeries range from changing implant size, to balancing lifts on the non-affected breast, to fat transfer for more natural volume additionally. 

Doctor Anna Steve is the leader in breast reconstructive surgery in the New York area, located in the Upper East Side, especially for cancer survivors. When seeking a specialist, make a choice that will bring positive results, such as with Dr. Steve. With her and the Neinstein Plastic Surgery team, you can make a choice confidently. 

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