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5 Fabrics to Shield Your Furniture Against Cat Scratches

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We all love our furry feline friends, but those cute little claws can do some serious damage to upholstered furniture. When a beloved companion decides your brand-new couch makes the perfect scratching post, you want a layer of protection in place. Certain durable fabrics can help divert those sharpened nails away from fabrics you don’t want to be ripped to shreds.

Faux Leather is Feline-Resistant

Faux leather has emerged as a popular option with cat owners due to its durability and scratch resistance. However, some breeds of cats seem undeterred by even faux leather’s protective abilities. A few swipes of their sharp claws can still damage these fabrics, rending the material or even tearing clean through it. Researchers have observed that long-haired cat breeds in particular exhibit greater persistence in shredding such scratch-resistant surfaces, suggesting their lush coats may provide extra insulation and protection for more vigorous clawing sessions.

Still, most cats do show reduced interest in shredding well-made faux leather compared to fabrics like microsuede. With vigilance and prompt training, determined felines can usually be discouraged from viewing faux leather as an irresistible target. Consider this material when looking into the best large ottomans for living room.

Tweed and Textured Fabrics Foil Scratches

Fabrics with texture make it difficult for cats to find an edge or seam to pick at with their claws. Tweed and similar fabrics have tiny loops and knots across the surface that don’t provide enough of an opening for nails to catch and snag. While your cat may still try to claw their way up onto your tweed sofa, they likely won’t cause any real damage once they get there.

Microfiber Repels Cat Claws

Microfiber’s tightly woven construction gives cats nothing to sink their claws into. Lightweight microfiber slipcovers can shield sofas and chairs from feline scratch attacks. Not only is microfiber extremely difficult to puncture and tear, but it’s also simple to remove and toss in the washing machine if cats manage to get it dirty. You can find microfiber furniture covers and pillowcases in all sorts of solid colors and fun prints to suit your décor.

Denim Overlays Withstand a Scratching

Rugged denim overlays can turn your existing upholstery into scratch-resistant seating. These jean-like coatings make it impossible for cats to snag the underlying fabric. Denim’s casual vibe fits right into relaxed family rooms and kid-friendly spaces where cats love to curl up. Bleached or stonewashed overlays add lightness while still protecting what’s below. Just avoid stretch denim, which cats may find easier to grasp and claw through.  

Sisal Rope Scratchers Divert Feline Attention

Train kitty to keep their claws off your furniture altogether by giving them an alternative place to scratch. Insert sisal rope scratching posts directly into sofa arms or chair legs at cats’ favorite scratching spots. The natural fiber ropes feel good on their paws while saving your upholstery. Over time cats will seek out these scratchers instead of expensive furniture to satisfy their primal urge to claw. Place a catnip toy on or near the new scratching posts to attract and reward them for using these designated scratch zones.

With the right fabrics guarding your furniture, you can give cats free rein without having to constantly worry about the damage those adorable little furballs may cause. Protect surfaces while keeping kitties happy and content with materials made to withstand scratches.


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