A Profile with the CEO: California’s Whitney LaMonda of Thread Vision

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Whitney La Monda, is the CEO and founder of Thread Vision. Located in Tustin, California, Thread Vision is a fashion house firm that has curated the products behind influencers, and brands such as:Hill xSarah , elegant gifts from Maude and May, Loverly Grey and more. A marketing fashion firm is like a nest to a busy bee. Meaning, Thread Vision is an essential component and a safe space to plan and create what products an influencer or brand wishes to be curated, and how or what approaches does the client desire to utilize  to build their brand. Thread Vision’s exceptional leader, Whitney LaMonda shares what is behind her passion for fashion, how she started in the industry, and why asking questions matters for feeling confident in the business world.

Q: You studied psychology in college, in what ways does psychology still come into play with the fashion world, such as people skills?

 A: Studying psychology has been a valuable asset in navigating the dynamic world of fashion.  Having a better understanding of human behavior and the intricacies of interpersonal relationships allows Thread Vision to create designs that resonate on a deeper level. That connection combined with the right marketing directives, are a proven combination for success.  We all know marketing is about understanding consumer behavior so having a background is truly beneficial to the business and our clients. These skills also allow us to cater to a wider range of content creators tweaking our services to best fit the needs of our clients and their audience. We feel so privileged to be able to accommodate so many unique projects.

Q: How did you gain experience when you first started in this industry? What advice would you give interns and young professionals

 A:  I have worked for over two decades in the fashion industry, and my biggest piece of advice for young professionals would be: ask questions and not be shy about getting outside your comfort zone. If you want to truly learn how the entire process works you have to understand each part and how they connect together. Ask questions, try to understand WHY, and discover how everything fits into the bigger picture! I was always trying to be a great employee and student simultaneously, and that helped to excel in the corporate world.

Q: What do you think will be popular fashion trends in 2024?

A: Sustainability will be popular because consumers are really pushing for ethically made and earth friendly products.  Think cottons, linens, bamboo and low water usage synthetic fibers like eco-viscose or recycled polyester. In terms of general fashion trends: Color is leaning into natural earth hues with subtle compliments of washed jewel tones and pastels. We are seeing a huge trend in oversized, unisex and slouchy silhouettes styled with oversized tote bags and versatile relaxed cross body bags. It’s really an exciting time to be creating products! There are so many opportunities.

You are also a yoga instructor.  How does yoga help you with your mental wellness in a fast-paced industry? 

A:  Yoga has probably been one of the most beneficial components of my life.  I’ve always been drawn to the quiet that it creates in my mind. Through my yoga practice, I discovered and began consistent breathwork and meditation practices as well.  These wellness techniques have allowed me to endure higher levels of stress, improve my focus, be less reactive, and more in control of the thoughts that pass through my mind.I feel yoga makes me a better person and therefore a better founder, CEO, and human.

Q: What sparked your interest in the fashion industry?

A:  The ability to be creative!  When I was graduating from college, I started a job at a small jewelry company in LA.  I always made my own jewelry as a favorite hobby. So, finding a career around something I knew I loved could not have been more perfect!  Beyond jewelry, I always loved fashion. From a very young age I was drawn to the creativity and uniqueness of styling myself, and now more than ever I love the way I feel after putting on a style ensemble.  Although the fashion industry is not all about dressing cute (so much goes on behind the scenes), it still fulfills my creative bucket bringing visions to life for content creators!

Q:  Also, what kind of skills do you feel are needed to work with apparel, fabrics, and accessories? For instance, did you study either at university or independently topics such as fabrics, color theory/matching, sewing or computer design courses to enter this industry? 

 A: I was not traditionally trained in the fashion industry; I was very much self-taught by working my way up the corporate ladder, over the last two decades. Depending on what area of fashion you want to be in, you may need more formal training. Both our beloved Thread Vision designer and product developers went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) to become experts in their positions, and they most certainly are!

If you are a reader interested in the fashion industry, Whitney La Monda and team at Thread Vision is an excelling example of starting your own path and making a dream come to life. Thank you, Whitney LaMonda for sharing your experiences, sharing your expertise, and by providing others with these aspirations as an example, that with hard work, it is possible to make it in the fashion world.

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Business Phone: 310-433-9959 

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