Four Season Beauty: Serene Weddings in The Pocono Mountains at Stroudsmoor

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Within the mountains of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania is the Stroudsmoor Country Inn. It is conveniently located for easy access in the Tri-state area and has long been a staple in the community. Stroudsmoor Country Inn is the perfect wedding venue to bring to life the beauty, tranquility, and natural allure of Pennsylvania’s mountainous Pocono region, and nature for any dream wedding. It has much to  offer to potential clients with an elegant  wedding that has both rustic charm and a serenely romantic atmosphere.  At Stroudsmoor, the clients also have many choices of venues to choose from.

Andrew Forte says experiencing the Stroudsmoor Country Inn is unique any time of year because, “The Poconos is a four-season area.”  Additionally, “Each season has its own personality.  The Fall season is the most popular because guests enjoy the Fall colors. We are in a winter ski destination so we have many winter sports enthusiasts, who enjoy the outdoors and specifically request a winter wedding. Of course, the Spring is beautiful with everything blooming. The out =door activities like golf and river rafting are available. Finally, the Summer because of the long days and reliably good weather.” Also, the beauty of the landscape has an enchanting quality that captivates guests.

The Inn has many tailored services provided on the property and by the experienced team. Forte also explains the history and family run business. He says, “We acquired Stroudsmoor in April 1984.” Since then, the family entrepreneurs who are collectively and locally known as “The Pirone Family Jewel” have transformed the property to an award-winning wedding venue. Specializing in weddings has become a natural niche for the Stroudsmoor team. Clients will also feel the individualized and specially selected services for each or any event that comes to the Inn. In which Mr. Forte also feels, “We spend time learning their vision and try our best to create it. No two weddings are the same because we are all different.”

In why one would want to choose the Stroudsmoor for the perfect wedding destination, Andrew Forte says, “Very simply, we have been doing it for a long time and have more experience planning than other venues. Planning weddings is like selecting a surgeon. You want the surgeon who has done your procedure many times. Same with wedding planning. You want a planner who knows what works and does not. The other advantage is the number of venue options, ceremony sites, and other wedding services (photography, video, flower, spa, lighting) that we can offer all under one roof.” One of the most important things this venue accommodates is the meticulous preparation for the ceremony, especially for the bride and the bridal party. 

“We have a dedicated staff member assigned to the bridal suite to ensure they have all the food, beverages, and assistance they need. We even have an emergency bag in each bridal suite that contains all the Velcro, electrical tape, and pins that are needed for emergency wardrobe malfunctions. We are not professional seamstresses, but can patch them up to look good for all the photos.”

This Stroudsmoor has everything the bride and the bridal party need for preparing for the big day. “I believe one of the most enjoyable times for the bride and her bridesmaids is during their group spa session. This usually takes place on the morning of the wedding. They are getting their hair, nails, and make up done, while munching on finger foods and sipping champagne. I always hear laughter coming from the spa during those group appointments.” It makes a difference when a venue can accommodate every aspect of attention and care required for a memorable wedding experience.

A wedding in the Pocono Mountains at Stroudsmoor Country Inn is completely breathtaking with the towering mountain views that create a sense of majesty. The earth’s elements come together beautifully at Stroudsmoor. In which Andrew Forte can elaborate, “While we do all types of themed events and floral designs, most are those that fit well with the mountain and country environment of the property. In all our buildings, we use natural materials found in the area – stone, wood, slate, etc. The floral designs that work best are the ones that look good next to these materials. The floral designs are also based on the time of year.”

There are six elegant wedding venues on the property to choose from: Auradell, SCI Pavillion, Lawnhaven, Woodsgate, Ridgecrest, and Terraview. Each venue has a different feel for accommodating diverse styles, the number of guests. The experienced management team and staff will ensure the clients that they curate unforgettable moments which will be filled with idyllic memories that mark the beginning of a lifelong journey to true happiness and romance. A wedding day at Stroudsmoor Country Inn is the opportune venue to celebrate, and be a part of a story filled with love, joy, and cherished memories.

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