Innovative Tools Used In Vehicle-Centric Investigations

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Vehicle-centric investigation is the systematic analysis of vehicles in crime scenes or accidents for law enforcement, forensic purposes, and even accident reconstruction. This type of approach focuses primarily on different aspects of vehicles with specialized tools and skills. 

Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) systems, 3D laser scanners, telematic tools, digital tire tread measurement tools, and license plate recognition systems are some innovative tools used in vehicle-centric investigations

In this article, we explore the functions and importance of these tools. 

Crash Data Retrieval Systems

CDR systems are used to retrieve event data information for vehicles involved in an accident. This tool can collect data like speed, throttle position, airbag deployment time, brake usage, and more. With this information, investigators can determine accident details like the driver’s behaviour, the severity of the impact, and even the cause of the collision. 

3D Laser Scanners

In accident reconstruction, 3D laser scanners make it possible to map the accident scene and all vehicle components precisely. These scanners can create three-dimensional models that depict the accident scene, which helps confirm who is at fault. 3D models make it easy to identify spatial relationships between objects, vehicles, and other details on the scene. 

Digital Tire Tread Measurement Tools

The tire tread and pattern can help identify vehicles as well. These tools are valuable when other approaches fail to identify vehicles at accident and crime scenes accurately or conclusively. Even so, it’s typically a standard step for law enforcement and investigators to collect tire tread data.

Vehicle Telematics Analysis Tools

Telematics tools can extract data from the vehicle’s onboard systems. This data includes GPS location, travel speeds and engine diagnostics. These tools make it possible to understand the behaviours of drivers and vehicle movements.

Vehicle Black Box Inspection Kits

Black boxes are in just about every modern car these days. This box records critical event data that can determine how the accident happened. The black box records everything from seatbelt

usage and engine performance to airbag deployment and more. These boxes are commonly used in court cases as vital evidence. 

Automatic License Plate Recognition Systems

Automatic license plate recognition systems are another innovative tool beneficial in vehicle-centric investigations. These systems can accurately collect license plate information in real-time to help identify drivers and suspects. ALPR systems can track vehicle movements, assist in crime scene investigation, and identify stolen vehicles. 

Forensic Vehicle Examination Software

This kind of software helps investigators and law enforcement analyze vehicle components and damage. The software can simulate accident and crime scene events by assessing critical data like tire marks, engine damage, and cosmetic damage. 

Tools like Crash Data Retrieval systems can be used to gather valuable data from vehicles, which can help reconstruct accident scenes. Moreover, 3D laser scanners can improve the accident reconstruction process, and digital tire tread measurement tools can accurately identify specific tire patterns in forensic analysis. Other essential tools in vehicle-centric investigations, like license plate recognition systems, can successfully capture license plate information that can assist in tracking and suspect identification. 



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