Inside the Word of Public Relations: A Chat with Lori Krebs of LoriK PR

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Did you ever wonder what the world of public relations is all about? It was exciting to have the inside scoop from Lori Krebs, of LoriK PR. Many of her clients are known from television shows, such as The Bachelor. She gave insight into what the experienced publicist does on an everyday basis by sharing her experience. 

Q: What personality characteristics do you look for when hiring someone as a publicist for your firm?

A: Finding the right fit isn’t an easy task. I’m very particular with who I hire. First and foremost, the candidate must possess excellent communication skills, be easily adaptable to change and maintain strategic thinking abilities while in a high stress, fast paced environment. Highly organized and confident in their abilities.  It’s a plus if they already come to the table with strong relationships with the media.

Q:   How do you keep a friendly yet professional boundary with the high clientele populations you have interacted with?

A: The lines can easily become blurred for both the publicist and their client as the day-t-day involvement with one another can very much overlap between professional and perosonal elements. Every publicist has a different relationship with their clients and does what works best for them. I always joke that aside from being a publicist I’m also a therapist, assistant, friend, manager… the list goes on. Publicists are on a monthly retainer so it’s also very easy for a client to take advantage of what the mandate of a publicist really is. I think it’s important to set boundaries and ensure you have a detailed contract in place outlining what services the client can expect. As a publicist, I do take on more than just that one role, but my clients and I are pretty good at maintaining a mutual level of respect with one other. I think my clients know that I truly take a deep vested interest in their lives, more so than just the role of a publicist. I truly care for my clients both personally and professionally, much more than just a number on my roster and I think that’s what has been a large part of my success over the years. My clients not only know this but feel this day to day. 

Q: What are some of the best qualities in some of the most notable social media influencers today?

A: The most successful influencers are genuine and relatable, the ones that showcase not only the best of times but also their toughest times, their challenges and insecurities. Also, influencers that not only showcase products they use, but also brands that they may dislike or were disappointed by. Authenticity builds trust, and trust with your audience is the key to being a successful influencer. Once you have earned that trust you need to continue building that strong connection by actively engaging with your followers by responding to their comments, messages, DM’s which ultimately increases overall engagement. 

Lori Krebs, CEO, LoriK PR





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