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Maximize Productivity with the Right Material Handling Solutions

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Material handling is a crucial part of any warehouse, distribution centre or manufacturing facility. The right material handling equipment can streamline operations and boost productivity. This article will explore how Streamline Operations: Material Handling Equipment from AAL Store can help businesses improve workflow efficiency.

Pallet Jacks for Heavy Lifting

Pallet jacks are one of the most common and versatile types of material handling equipment. They allow operators to easily transport heavy palletized loads within a facility. AAL Store offers a wide selection of manual and electric pallet jacks that can lift up to 3,000 kg. 

Manual pallet jacks are affordable and require no power source. They are well-suited for occasional use or small spaces where electric models may not fit. Electric pallet jacks provide powered lifting and travel for improved ergonomics and higher throughput. Battery-powered options allow cordless mobility.

Pallet jacks speed up processes like order picking, inventory moves and deliveries. They replace inefficient manual lifting and free up workers for more strategic tasks. Businesses report pallet jacks boost productivity by 25-50% and reduce injury risks.

Trolleys for Medium Loads 

While pallet jacks are designed for full pallets, trolleys are better suited to transporting individual boxes, bins and other medium loads ranging from 150-300 kg. AAL Store trolleys feature durable construction, large load capacities and manoeuvrable designs.

Platform trolleys let operators safely move multiple boxes or totes at once. They eliminate the need to make multiple trips or strain under heavy lifting. Four-wheel trolleys provide stability on uneven surfaces. Braked models help control loads on inclines and declines. 

Trolleys streamline order fulfilment, returns processing, quality checks and more. They cut the time spent moving items and free up hands for other tasks. Trolleys also reduce injury risks from lifting and carrying.

Scissor Lifts for Vertical Movement  

Scissor lifts and scissor lift tables from AAL Store enable lifting loads vertically for improved ergonomics, organization and space utilization. Lifts range from 150-500 kg capacities, accommodating a variety of box and bin sizes.

Scissor lifts save significant time and effort compared to manually lifting items onto shelves or conveyors. They reduce bending, reaching and lifting-related injuries. Lifts also optimize valuable floor space by stacking inventory higher. 

Areas like order picking, stock put-away, quality inspections and rack loading all benefit from scissor lifts. They boost productivity by 25-50% and cut injury rates by eliminating unsafe lifting practices. Scissor lifts pay for themselves in just months through efficiency gains.

Additional Equipment 

AAL Store offers various other material handling aids. Ratchet straps and slings secure unstable or awkward loads for safe transport. Platform stackers neatly organize and transport multiple bins or boxes. Weight scales on pallet jacks provide load data for compliance and optimization. 


The right material handling equipment is a worthwhile investment that delivers high returns through improved workflow efficiency and reduced injury risks. From pallet jacks to trolleys to scissor lifts, AAL Store has solutions to streamline operations in warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. Proper material handling equipment pays for itself quickly by boosting productivity and safety.


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