Serena Pitt’s Love for Travel Brings into Fruition Reset the Label

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If you’re an explorer of the world, and ready to go on your next adventure, you’re likely starting to think, what should I pack? Travel is not only about the memories, but also the essential fashion travel accessories to accompany the experiences you will have. Look no further than Reset by Serena Pitt.

 The world was first introduced to Serena Pitt, originally from Toronto, Canada, when she made her television debut to The Bachelor for season twenty-five, to vie for the affection of Matt James. Ultimately, Serena found “her person” with Joe Amabile on Bachelor in Paradise. Serena and Joe are now happily married, are living a beautiful life in New York City and are a power couple in the franchise. Pitt and Amable are currently hosts of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. The Canadian native impressively holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and business management from Wilfrid Laurier University, as well as a certificate concentrating on sport and event marketing from George Brown College.  Now she can also add travel fashion brand creator to her already impressive skills and resume. Serena Pitt is fashion forward developer and recently created Reset for her fanbase who also share a “life-long love” for travel.

According to the website, Serena herself said her passion for jet setting was instilled in her soul in part because “I was lucky enough to have the privilege to grow up traveling with my family, which inspired my love of travel and exploration at a young age.” 

Pitt also explained that the fanbase was a big inspiration into how she wanted to build and create the brand. Pitt said, “We looked a lot at the demographics of my personal Instagram following and what pieces of content and products resonate with them to gather information when building the brand.” 

Products featured in the Travel Collection include The Passport Wallet, The Elevated Crossbody/Fanny Pack and The Accessories Case, all available in black and camel. 

The line is fantastic not only for travel but also for everyday life. Serena evidently took into consideration functionality when creating the line. She mentioned, “Our two pieces that do this transition the best are the Fanny Pack and Accessories Case. People can use the Fanny Pack as an everyday bag to elevate their outfit, and the Accessory Case can hold anything you need from makeup to first aid products to chargers.” When it comes to behind the scenes and design collaboration, Serena also said, “I work with Thread Vision to help bring my product vision to life through many rounds of samples to find the perfect fit.”

Serena also revealed how she finds her creative muse. She said what fuels her travel fashion line’s originality is from real life experience. She emphasized, “I pull a lot of inspiration from actually traveling and seeing what I love about the products as well as what is missing from them…  that I can incorporate into Reset. If you create products designed for a specific function or lifestyle, immersing yourself in that is the best way to fuel your creativity.”

Reset has a lot of exciting projects in development for Serena Pitt’s fans. Serena said, “We are currently working on our Spring 2024 drop and have already begun discussing potential products and designs for Fall 2024. We are so excited to continue creating high-quality yet affordable travel accessories that are fashion-forward. Our overarching goal is to keep bringing our customers new, fresh styles that still feel true to Reset.” 

Fans will be eager to hit the road with their Reset Travel Collection. The accessories are  the perfect companions for frequent flyers and nomads at heart. As Reset states, “You have arrived at your destination.” 


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