Empowering Connections: Reflections with Relationship Coach Inna Mel

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Inna Mel is an experienced relationship coach and has a strong social media presence. She is insightful and understands the components of what makes a healthy romantic relationship. She shares her 2024 expertise, and observations: 

Meghan Forte: How long have you been a relationship coach and what drew you to helping others with their relationship barriers?

Inna Mel: I started my journey long before I actually became a coach. From a young age I was able to observe first-hand what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like by watching my parents go through divorce when I was 8 years old and then re-marrying into healthy unions. Through this experience, I gained a deeper understanding of the difference between toxic and healthy relationships. As I grew older, working through mindset shifts regarding love, self-worth, and gaining clear vision and clarity in my own life motivated me to help others with similar struggles. My work is research based as well as many years of personal experience. 

Meghan Forte: How is having good communication skills and empathy important as a relationship coach?

Inna Mel: I believe that active listening and effective communication is what creates a strong emotional connection between people. As a coach my job is to understand my client’s emotional world and to then create a safe space for expressing vulnerabilities, fears, desires, where they feel heard and validated. Without empathy it’s extremely difficult to listen, understand, and experience what the client is sharing. 

Meghan Forte: In your experience, what were some of the various reasons people reached out to you for consultation?

Inna Mel: Most of my clients had a really hard time gaining confidence and clarity within themselves. This is where I come in and help break conditioning and identify factors in upbringing, values and beliefs that shape their ideal and work through prioritizing what’s important and what may be holding them back from finding a partner. 

Meghan Forte: How would you describe what the roles of a relationship coach are?

Inna Mel: I think first and foremost, a relationship coach is someone who acts as: a guide, motivator, and active listener. A coach helps you understand your relationship with yourself, others and helps you gain skills needed in order to thrive and navigate the complexities of dating and relationships.

Meghan Forte: In your experience, why do a lot of relationships need work, and take a lot of effort? 

Inna Mel: Great relationships require a lot of work, patience and transparency in order to thrive. You are essentially taking two people with different upbringings, baggage, and conditionings and expecting things to be easy. It takes time and effort to build and sustain healthy relationships and most people don’t want to do the work. I believe that’s when hiring a coach becomes essential. Someone to help identify and release specific patterns, false beliefs, and past wounds that may be blocking their path and creating a clear vision of what type of relationships they want to build. 

Meghan Forte: In your experience, why are people sometimes attracted to what might not be the best thing for them? 

Inna Mel: Attraction is largely unconscious and we are attracted to those who remind us of one or both of our caregivers. If our caregivers never modeled what healthy relationships look like then we might be attracted to those who show similar patterns of behavior. Another factor to consider is our own attachment styles. As children if our needs were met, then we developed a secure attachment style. However, if they were not met, we developed anxious or avoidant attachment styles and sought out partners who resemble the same.

For both seasoned veterans in the dating game and newcomers to the dating scene, the insights and observations shared by Relationship Coach, Inna Mel, form a powerful metaphorical toolbox. As readers, if we take a moment for self-reflection, we might discover the potential to not only find more connection in a partner but also cultivate greater confidence, empathy, and strength within ourselves. To connect with Inna Mel, or to seek more information, follow her journey on Instagram, and her Link Tree Page. 


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