One Family’s Commitment to Bipolar Disorder Advocacy and Education: An Important Discussion with Robin Monroe, of The Jared Monroe Foundation

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The Jared Monroe Foundation is in memory of one family’s son, whose shining light was sadly taken too soon, by suicide of a manic episode from bipolar disorder. The foundation was created in 2017. His story was also brought to light to many publicly via his high school friendship with Tay Lautner, who is now a registered nurse and podcaster, on The Squeeze, with her husband, actor Taylor Lautner. His mother, Robin Monroe, who holds a master’s degree in Marriage Family Therapy from Phillips Institute in North Hollywood, CA is also a Social Worker, and President of The Jared Monroe Foundation. Robin is Jared’s mom through adopting him; when her sister, Jared’s biological mother, also battled with addiction challenges, which the family shared on their website.  Robin Monroe shared with me how today, in 2024, in his memory and honor, the foundation, brings to light the importance advocacy and support needed for those with mental illness, by offering college scholarships, so that those who do have bipolar disorder, can continue to have fulfilling lives, as one of their Instagram hashtag states, “#JaredStillCanSaveLives”. She shares the family’s powerful journey to establishing The Jared Monroe Foundation:


Meghan Forte: Does the Jared Monroe Foundation work with youth and adults? Have you connected with schools or treatment centers?

Robin Monroe: The Jared Monroe Foundation predominantly gives out college scholarships. Therefore, our demographics are usually 18 and above. We will get occasionally, get emails or referrals from parents who want additional support for their children who also suffer from mental illness or are suicidal. We will also do outreach at high schools or other events telling Jared’s story bringing awareness to mental illness and suicide.

Meghan Forte What do you feel are important strategies someone can use in order to expand their support network overcoming a mental health challenge?

Robin Monroe: We feel that it’s very important to have a very eclectic treatment plan incorporating all different modalities to manage mental illness. It is important to seek therapy, have a psychiatrist, take medication, attend a support group and have a good support around you who knows your triggers to help you when you need it most. Mental illness is something you have to learn to live with, as it doesn’t go away so you have to know how to manage it.


Meghan Forte: What were some of the signs that your loved one, Jared, needed some treatment, and what advice would you give a parent today in the beginning of the process with their child’s treatment? 

Robin Monroe: With Jared it became very clear he needed treatment because he became delusional and was no longer able to stay in reality. He did things like see a rock on the ground which would tell him how he should behave. I would encourage parents to seek treatment immediately to make sure they have a good support team like above with a therapist, psychiatrist, medication and other people who have gone through a similar situation. It’s also really important to have only people who understand mental illness and can support you when you have a mental illness. It is too difficult when others don’t understand and it can cause more aggravation and anxiety. 


Meghan Forte: What events and activities are run by the Jared Monroe Foundation and available for the community or general public to support? 

Robin Monroe: The Jared Monroe Foundation mission is to bring awareness to mental illness and suicide. Our main focus is to provide college scholarships to individuals who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, so they know that even with a mental illness, they can still achieve their dreams and have a good life.


Meghan Forte:  What would you possibly ” wish to tell” someone who has bipolar disorder now, and some words of encouragement or empowerment for them (to end the stigma etc.)? 

Robin Monroe: I would say having a mental illness is like having any other kind of physical illness. You have to take care of it and manage your life to support your symptoms as they occur. You are still able to have a full and long life following your dreams.

Thank you to the Monroe family and to the Jared Monroe Foundation for sharing your story. For those who are struggling, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is: 800-273-TALK (8255). If interested in learning more about this important cause, please be sure to read more information on the Jared Monroe Foundation website which is:

The Jared Monroe Foundation Website

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