Hottest 2024 Makeup Trends

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Dive into the trends we’ve observed that will take your Makeup Artistry career to the next level in 2024. 

The Natural Look 

Bid farewell to heavy makeup as the natural and glowy skin aesthetic takes centre stage. However, this trend doesn’t come without its share of controversies. 

The concept behind this movement is to embrace just enough makeup to accentuate your natural beauty. While the intention is to advocate for a simplified routine with fewer products, some argue that it unintentionally contributes to unrealistic beauty standards. 

We’re seeing an increase in skin tints as the go-to choice for every look and the rise of naked lips – all of these trends are signaling a move towards minimalism. 

Soft Grunge 

Soft grunge, a ’90s beauty trend, is not just a blast from the past—it’s here to stay and is also expected to take center stage in 2024. 

Grunge was born out of Generation X’s frustration with entering the workforce during the 90’s recession, while soft grunge initially surfaced on Tumblr between 2013 and 2015. 

In a striking resurgence, this nostalgic aesthetic has recently made a powerful comeback, fueled by a confluence of pop culture milestones.

Messy lip gloss applications, smudged eyeliner, and bold yet blended eyeshadows contribute to this edgy aesthetic. 

On the flip side, the coquette makeup style continues to charm with its flirty and girlish allure, boasting rosy cheeks, glossy lips, doll-like lashes, lined eyes, and soft feather brows. 

“Mob Wife” (of Film & Television) 

Embarking on a global takeover, the “Mob Wife” aesthetic has stirred both fascination and debate, notably for its portrayal of organized crime allure. 

The burning question lingers: Where did this trend come from? Flashback to last year, which was marked by the ascent of “clean girl” and “stealth wealth” aesthetics. In a bold response to the prevailing minimalist wave and a yearning to bridge the gap with real-life authenticity, the “Mob Wife” aesthetic emerged as a dynamic counterpoint, weaving its way into the fabric of contemporary style. 

Our current makeup trends seamlessly blend with this aesthetic, from alluring siren eyes to precisely defined lip liners and captivating eyebrows, each element contributes to the timeless allure of the quintessential “mob wife” style. 

2024 Trending Makeup Colours 

We’re seeing a spike for silver shimmer on lids and lips, warm and peachy blush colours, and cool tones. 

Is Makeup Artistry a Growing Field in 2024? 

The beauty standards and the Makeup Artistry field are evolving, promising growth and endless possibilities. 

Social media, influencers, and a broader acceptance of makeup as a form of self-expression continue to fuel the demand for skilled artists. 

As a certified Makeup Artist, you’ll have the skills to explore the vast canvas of opportunities in film & TV, photoshoots, bridal shoots, celebrities, runways, and theatre Makeup Artistry. 

You could even specialize in digital aspects such as Z-brush!

The spotlight is on you–make your mark in this dynamic and ever-growing field by enrolling in a Makeup Artistry school.

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