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I had the pleasure to interview Lora Sappenfield, Owner of Lumina Skin and learn about her passion for the Beauty industry as well as her spa in New York City.

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lora Sappenfield moved to NYC 26 years ago to chase her dreams of becoming a Fashion executive. After 20 years, working her way up to VP level corporate fashion status, she decided to challenge herself by taking on the ultimate luxury market, New York City Real Estate. She quickly became a Rising Star at The Corcoran Group and excelled at the art of matching clients with their future homes. In doing such, she always had a passion for the Beauty business, from the time when she bought her first Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion at the Clinique counter with her allowance. She’s been an avid follower of beauty trends of all types, from lip gloss shades to high tech anti-aging treatments and has acted on her beauty bug.

Once I turned 40 and wanted to pursue skin solutions and tried many different devices and modalities. Everywhere I went, they had limited services, and the practitioner could only steer me to those treatments. I wanted to go someplace that had a solid line up of technology to provide the full spectrum of skin solutions. Hence, Lumina Skin was born. I have invested in what I have found to be the best of the best with a suite of curated technology from light and luscious to intense and powerful, all with the core competency of building collagen. We also offer a full range of solutions for skin concerns such as skin laxity, acne, uneven texture, unwanted pigmentation, scars, cellulite, stubborn fat, and the list goes on. My goal was to create a beautiful and calming space with the very best spectrum of services and talent available. My team is small but might and are all very experienced. Maria, my head esthetician, is truly passionate about her work and it really comes through in every treatment. She cares enormously for our clients and treats everyone with excellence, both in her loving care and her extensive knowledge of skin. You must come experience Maria’s expertise! You will look and feel amazing after you’ve received a service from her at Lumina Skin. We are all very proud of what I have to offer our clients. 


Tell us about the new TED Hair Restoration treatment. Who is that treatment good

TED is an incredible solution for anyone experiencing hair loss or excessive shedding. Hair loss is an incredibly sensitive and emotional topic, and I knew it was something I wanted to help my clients solve. Lumina Skin is a highly professional and discreet provider and we come from a place of kindness. I like to say, Lumina Skin is a soft landing for people experiencing conditions that make them feel uncomfortable. We want to be there for you. With TED we can do just that. TED is excellent for both men and women experiencing hair loss. Unlike other hair loss solutions, TED is non-invasive, completely comfortable (many people even fall asleep during the treatment!) and far less costly than typical hair restoration solutions. Additionally, invasive treatments usually cannot help female hair loss as women tend to get sparse hair, a part that is widening or a more visible scalp in front. Hair surgery can only treat spots that are bald, not sparse. So, we love being able to support both men and women with TED.


 What are some of your other treatments that you offer your clients?

We have some fabulous facials using our energy-based devices. JetPeel facials use actual aerospace technology to create transdermal infusion. It’s also a cold shock to the skin, with benefits similar to an ice plunge. It’s relaxing and feels great. It is a three-step process. First, we do lymphatic drainage on the face. You’ll see an instant de-puffing that lasts for days. The second step is exfoliation to deep clean the skin. Finally, we perform the transdermal infusion which drives serum 4mm into the skin. No other facial on the market can boast this depth of penetration! Our range of serums treat acne, rosacea, aging skin, and so much more.

We also offer our Red-Carpet Facial. This facial uses a different Radio Frequency (RF) device to massage the face. This treatment is a hot treatment, but also comfortable and very relaxing. The heat of the RF tightens and plumps the skin. It’s amazing. And it can be combined with dermaplaning and/or red-light therapy. I’m addicted! 

Let’s talk about IPL treatments. Share with us what they are and the benefits.

IPL or a Photofacial is an amazing tool to address unwanted reds, like broken capillaries, and browns, such as sun damage. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light which targets that unwanted pigment. The treatments are comfortable and there is no downtime. You can come during your lunch hour and put on makeup directly after the service. I do this treatment monthly and for some, including myself, you can also get some nice skin tightening and improved texture. We love IPL at Lumina Skin! 

Stem cells are a hot topic today. How are stem cells used and who is the best candidate for this?

So glad you asked this question! I did a lot of research to find the very best option for exosomes/ stem cells. Most places that have stem cells use a type that consists of the ground up bone marrow of many random donors. That didn’t work for us. We found a company that provides stem cells derived from a single placenta here in the United States. The quality is controlled and effective. Exosomes are for anyone who wants to maximize their treatment results for the face or body.

And speaking of effectiveness, I’d love to discuss PRP. PRP has been an amazing way to harness our natural resources to enhance many treatments for hair, skin, and body. However, not all plasma is created equally. Is my 54-year-old plasma as potent as a 30-year-old? Might a medication affect the quality of my plasma? It’s impossible to know. It’s never tested, so when we do PRP, you better hope you have great plasma! With the exosomes from Lumina Skin, it’s PERFECT every time! Our exosomes are applied topically after Microneedling or RF Microneedling. The stem cells then find cellular damage in the skin and get to work repairing it. 

RF Microneedling is the best! Basically, it involves real needles penetrating .5mm-1mm into the skin. The Radio Frequency penetrates the skin even deeper creating strategic micro injuries. These injuries are healed naturally by the body. This process creates collagen and elastin, the building blocks for tighter, stronger, plumper skin. It also improves texture, can help with unwanted pigmentation, and improves scars and stretch marks dramatically. 

And we have the safest, most effective machine on the market. It’s from the inventor of the Morpheus8. Many people do not know that in the wrong hands, Morpheus8 can do serious damage. The new version, Reverso, has the same impact on the skin with less pain, no blood and zero risk. We also have a milder version of RF Microneedling for those wanting to work their way up. RF Microneedling is one of our signature services because of its undeniable effectiveness. I personally swear by it.


With all the beauty spas in NYC, it is incredible how you stand out from your competition.

Yes, for sure! As I mentioned earlier, we have a robust spectrum of services that treats most skin concerns as well as addressing aging skin with the very best technology available. Building collagen and elastin in the skin leads to skin tightening, improved texture, plumper, stronger skin, better tone, etc. Additionally, I am obsessed with bringing in proven, cutting-edge add-ons such as exosomes, light therapy, medical grade skincare and so much more to make my super effective technology pack an even bigger punch. And anyone who comes to Lumina Skin will say, they feel the love. We care!  We don’t just process clients; we listen and explain. Your comfort and safety drive everything we do. 

Additionally, most spas with this type of technology do not feel luxurious. We have both. Lumina Skin has top notch services, and we offer a pampered experiences for both men and women. We are always finding new ways to make your time at Lumina Skin even more special. It’s a warm embrace with a high-end experience that is incredibly private and comfortable with a heated treatment bed to make you extra relaxed!

What is the best advice you can give middle aged men and women as it relates to
their beauty routine?

I think the time of total reliance on fillers and Botox is completely out of date. How long can you prop up loose skin before you look unnatural and puffy? Building better skin is the answer. When I was 50, I was using Botox and a conservative number of fillers. My skin was sagging. My jawline was soft and the fat pad under my chin was pronounced. A facialist told me I had thin skin. At 54, this is no longer the case! I have plump, fresh skin, a great jawline, and a lot more confidence. I don’t even wear makeup most days. The transformation has surprised me!

At Lumina Skin, we honor your unique beauty, enhancing your natural light! We believe singular beauty is the best beauty because it is all your own. No one looks quite like you and that should be celebrated. We are here to address your unique concerns, give you a boost and build your confidence. 

I recommend quality (not trendy) skincare, daily SPF 40+ and regular treatments at Lumina Skin. Much more natural than being overfilled. Much less expensive and less invasive than going under the knife. My plan is to do all those things if I want to, but I can wait a lot longer now. And I feel better than ever. With age comes internal power, and I’d like to look my best while I feel this good on the inside.

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