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Aesthetic Aspects: 6 Tips for Incorporating Your Personal Style into Your Home Design

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Creating the perfect look in your home can be incredibly rewarding, but for some, it’s not so easy to branch out from generic textures, tones, and schemes. Would you love to incorporate your personal style into your home design with ease? You can get your place dressed to impress with these six tips: 

Take Inspiration From Homes You Love The Look Of

Whether you’re browsing catalogs in Chicago, viewing display homes around the Bellarine Peninsula, or checking out interior design accounts on social media, you’ve no doubt spotted plenty of design features you love. It’s okay to take inspiration from these sources. In fact, it’s helpful when you don’t know where to start with your own place. 

Explore interior design in person and online, and ask yourself questions to determine precisely what it is you love and loathe about certain homes. Is it the color scheme? Texture combinations? Furniture layout? Think about what it is you like about what you’ve seen and begin incorporating versions of those features in your home. 

Expand On What You Like About Your Personal Items

Do you have a favorite chair? A blanket you love? A piece of art that makes you feel happy? Why not start your home decor inspiration journey with those items? Identify why you love them and expand on that with other items, shapes, textures, and images that bring you the same joy. 

Create A Colour Scheme

Colors have all kinds of meanings and feelings associated with them culturally, socially, and universally. They also have deeply personal meanings. Which colors do you love? Which do you hate? Which tones would work best with which room? Creating a color scheme for your home is a great start to personalizing your decor.

Be Confident In Taking Risks

Around 85% of people struggle with low self-esteem. This can show up in many ways, one of which can be lacking the confidence to take risks when decorating your home. You may worry you’ll ruin the feel of your home, be criticized, or do a terrible job. 

This can be a barrier to trying new things, so let go of these worries. Experiment with tailored area rugs to see how different patterns and colors can transform a room.  Give yourself permission to play with different furnishings and finishes and have fun expressing yourself with design. Who knows – your biggest mistakes could be happy ones that lead you to exciting results.

Ditch The Should’s 

Social comparisons have been linked to depression, but sadly, it’s still something we all do, especially since the rise of social media. These comparisons stop many of us from being creative with our home design. We think our home ‘should’ be like that one we saw on Instagram, or we ‘should’ be able to decorate like SharonDoesDIY72 on Pinterest. 

Once we ditch these shoulds, things start to get interesting. You can paint your living room pink, cover your bathroom in fish wallpaper, and include banana print curtains in your home office design – it’s all up to you because there are no shoulds with the way your home looks. 

Start With ‘Low Risk’ Areas 

Some rooms in the home are natural places to experiment with personal decor style. We might be more likely to ‘go wild’ with an outdoor area, compared to a kitchen or a living room. This is especially true with shared areas, where we might feel we have to think very carefully about how it looks. Why not experiment with a pastel summerhouse, or shrimp-themed conservatory first? This allows you to dip your toe in the joys of playing with personal style and expression.

It’s time to let loose and give your home a makeover that truly reflects your personality! 


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