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She started with Us Weekly, as a writer and a reporter, and soon after, in April 2019, further built a name for herself with her compelling  niche in public relations. The Chapman University alum is now founder of one of the leading public relations firms in the United States, and abroad, with offices in: Los Angeles, New York, and London, England. I chatted with Emily Blair Marcus, founder of the award- winning Emily Blair Media, LLC, about what drew her into the industry of public relations. She provided some exclusive insight about the industry to Social The Lifestyle Magazine: 


Meghan Forte: What are some of the best qualities in some of the most notable social media influencers today? 


Emily Blair Marcus: It’s really important for creators to identify their competitive edges, and lean into that full force. The social media landscape can be extremely oversaturated, but lately we’ve seen a lot of very unique types of talent emerge who are carving distinct lanes for themselves. Really allowing yourself to think outside the box, not being scared of rejection or getting it wrong, and being dauntless is really key. Think Nara Smith, who makes bagels from scratch. She’s in a league of her own because she’s doing something different and captivating – and it’s working. Individuality aside, I think it’s really important for creators to be consistent. We live in an age of instant gratification, but virality does not happen overnight. It takes time, discipline, organization, and visibility to develop a community of followers who are dialed in. Another trait I would point out is authenticity and mindfulness. Cancel culture is quick to point fingers at anyone who makes the smallest mistake, and in an industry like this one, there is little room for error. Be thoughtful about how you show up on social media, and in person.

Meghan Forte: What tools do you use to keep a healthy work-life balance? 


Emily Blair Marcus: I really prioritize self-care. I regularly work out, get wellness treatments done, and recharge by watching television and vegging out. I am always on alert, and in order for me to really de-stress, I have to do activities that allow my mind to wander – but this is way easier said than done. I also have an amazing support system of family and friends who I rely on, love spending time with, and who keep me grounded and balanced. But ultimately, prioritizing my personal life as much as my professional life has been a work in progress for me. It’s so important though, as I really want to live more in the moment and enjoy the journey!


Meghan Forte: How do you keep a friendly yet professional boundary with the high clientele populations you have interacted with?  


Emily Blair Marcus: I am very friendly with my clients, but at the end of the day, they are clients, and I am an employee of theirs, hired to do the task at hand. My work ethic knows no bounds, and I always strive to go above and beyond for my clients. I also have to give credit to my previous role as a writer and reporter at Us Weekly – because of my four years at the magazine interacting with celebrities on the daily, I really don’t get starstruck. I am very comfortable being in the room with all types of people and talent, and humbly stated, I excel at molding my approach based on my surroundings. I’m very much like a chameleon.


Meghan Forte: How do you ensure as a firm that the content an influencer may desire to post is positive messaging especially to younger audiences or teenagers? 


Emily Blair Marcus: Our clients really diversify in audience ranges – they’re speaking to very different types of people and demographics, and cater their approaches respectively. We always like to be hands on and offer our insight to ensure content is engaging, impactful, and on brand, and I really enjoy working with our clients’ managers, social media marketers, and other key players on the team to strategize on the best ways to do this. My opinion may not always be the same as someone else’s on the team, and it’s super crucial to hear a lot of different ideas in order to come to the most aligned solution. 


Meghan Forte: Do you feel that the right marketing tools can make a positive impact on helping other people? 


Emily Blair Marcus: Absolutely! Marketing and PR is all about creating a compelling way to introduce yourself to the public – your values, hobbies, skill-set, personality, everything, all with the intention of thoughtfully influencing, and making a positive impression. 


Meghan Forte: What personality characteristics do you look for when hiring someone as a publicist or intern for your firm? 


Emily Blair Marcus:  We have very different check-lists depending on the role we’re hiring for. Our internship program seeks candidates who are studying communications in college, have an interest in talent/brands, have amazing writing skills, are pop-culture savvy, and eager to learn. Entry level employees who would be great fits for our team possess these skills, and also are incredibly organized, client facing, excel at networking and building relationships with media, can anticipate well, think on their feet, pivot quickly, are confident holding their own in various situations, are self-sufficient, and looking for longevity in their careers. Someone more mid-level would ideally come into our company with well-developed contacts, and potentially their own clients as well. We also pride ourselves on having an amazing company culture, and we value team-building activities and positive energy – we look for people who will contribute to this, and further it. 


Meghan Forte: What made you become interested in Public Relations? 


Emily Blair Marcus:  I sought out a gap in the market. As a reporter with four years under my belt in celebrity relations, I noticed a major shift in 2019 – the type of pitches I was receiving, who I was being pitched, how they were being pitched to me, and why they were famous, was all different – and my editors, who were all veterans, didn’t have much interest in coverage. These trends continued to become the norm, and it soon metamorphosed into the creator economy, peak pandemic. I realized a lot of talent who were becoming famous overnight lacked a strong sense of direction regarding how to create longevity in their careers, and develop a press narrative that added value and credibility to the communities they were cultivating online. With editorial experience, I felt I could reverse engineer the process and help this new wave of celebrity and top-tier media. I set out to do just that, and the rest is history.


We are so excited  at Social The Lifestyle Magazine to see what is next for Ms. Emily Blair Marcus, and Emily Blair Media. It was a captivating opportunity to learn from such a leader of the public relations industry , and it’s wonderful to see the next generation of public relations blossom, with Emily Blair Marcus as a strong and positive example. Readers, be sure to also tune in to After Hours, the latest powerhouse of  a women-led podcast, with: Emily Blair Marcus, Celeste Durve, and Jade Watson.  Thank you, Ms. Marcus! Emily Blair Media provides media consulting, brand building services, and more to clients. 


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