How Streetwear Culture Impact UK Popularity of Amiri Shoes ?

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Streetwear culture became popular in California in the 1990’s and has gone from strength to strength since then. It encompasses trainers, caps, skater style as well as the iconic lettering style of the rap world. 

With the rise of sneaker heads and the incorporation of streetwear into mainstream culture, many of these items have become synonymous with style and status.

High-End Sneakers As A Statement Of Identity

Since the 90’s, streetwear culture has invariably included sneakers of all kinds. From the athletic design and distinctive soles of basketball shoes to the cool functionality of skater shoes, these recognisable styles have remained a symbol of identity to enthusiasts of these particular lifestyles. At the same time, however, they also became a fashion statement in and of themselves, gaining popularity among young people on both sides of the Atlantic.

Today, in an era when those young people have remained loyal to their style icons into their adulthood and their children are embracing fashion, those same styles have become highly desirable symbols of fashion and culture.

Enter Amiri, a brand founded in LA in 2014 with a very clear sense of sophistication and design that reflects the values of today’s discerning consumer. As such, their offering was expertly tailored to the evolution of streetwear culture, resulting in highly desirable fashion wear.

The clean and bold styles of Amiri shoes and trainers exude quality and are immediately appealing to fashion connoisseurs while still retaining the strong identity associated with streetwear. Sports luxe has undoubtedly been one of the most significant trends of the last decade. Amiri has successfully presented customers with high end sneakers in the streetwear style they love the most, firmly cementing their position as a leading quality brand in the market. 

Streetwear Symbols In Luxury Clothing

Amiri strategically incorporates iconic symbols in their collection. The logo, in a gothic font reminiscent of the rap world and other symbols, such as the American eagle, stars and stripes are present. In the digital age, consumers are hyper-aware of the latest trends being endorsed by their favourite celebrities. So what is trending on social media and on the red carpet has a massive influence on the style choices of the buyer.

Amiri shoes and clothing have been worn by Machine Gun Kelly, Odell Beckham Junior, Justin Bieber and many more. When we think of these celebrities we can easily think of their style as being influenced by streetwear.

They and other celebrities are being avidly watched by their fans online. So when a brand like Amiri is endorsed by them, they showcase the quality of the brand as well as setting trends. There is an appealing balance struck between the sense of luxury conveyed and the iconic symbols that are sometimes just referenced in Amiri shoes and clothing.

A slightly distressed cap with the gothic logo is a classic item. Their hoodies, likewise, are of the highest quality, while the eagle and stars convey the symbolism of streetwear culture. Amiri shoes are contemporary while invoking the memory of 90’s skaters or an MTV star. It is the delicate combination of these elements that has streetwear-savvy consumers coming back for more. 

Amiri Sneakers: Variety And Iconic Style

The influence of streetwear culture is also on display with their sneakers. Amiri’s MA-1 runners are a prime example. They immediately conjure the 90’s west coast skate aesthetic. Made from luxurious leather, the brown and cream version only adds to the sense of nostalgia. The appeal to the current love of all things 90’s is a bit irresistible. But streetwear isn’t all 90’s nostalgia. Amiri offers a range of current streetwear trends too, including the MA runner, in bold colours or neutral tones all featuring their logo. This ensures that they remain up-to-date while maintaining the right vibe.

A favourite and the ones worn by Machine Gun Kelly, the skeltop series is a recognisable Amiri collection that maintains that streetwear look. So many people are passionate about keeping up with the latest shoe trends. They are constantly seeking out luxury footwear that meets their style needs. When they find a designer that meets those requirements, they are ecstatic.

This may go a long way to explaining the rise of Amiri among streetwear fans. Showcasing a high-end brand while maintaining an air of effortless style is important to many consumers. It signals who one’s fashion inspiration is, whether it be a skater, rapper, basketball player or celebrity. Amiri has risen in the UK market in recent years due to this constant interplay between street culture, celebrity and consumer buying trends.

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