Travel Fails and How to Bounce Back: Relationship Repair Tips After a Bumpy Trip

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Travelling with your partner can be an amazing experience, creating lasting memories and deepening your romantic bond. However, even the most well-planned trips can hit a snag along the way…

Lost luggage, missed flights, and unexpected delays – these travel ‘fails’ are common and can lead to frustration and disagreements.

In any case, here’s how you can both navigate these bumps in the road and bounce back for a more enjoyable journey together…

Breathe, Don’t Blow Up

The first step to navigating any travel mishap is to try to stay calm. Reacting with anger or blame will only escalate the situation.

So, take a deep breath, step away from the source of frustration, and focus on finding a solution!

Work Together

Remember, you’re on this adventure together. Approach the problem as a team, working collaboratively to find a resolution.

“We” statements like “Let’s figure out how to deal with this together” promote cooperation instead of blaming one another.

Laughter Can Resolve Most Problems

Sometimes, laughter is the best antidote to resolve travel stress. Try to find humour in the situation (without being disrespectful).

Being able to look back on a travel mishap with a chuckle can be a great way to bond and let go of any unnecessary frustration.

Focus on Solutions, Not Blame

Dwelling on who’s to blame won’t solve anything! Instead, focus on finding solutions. Research alternative flights, track down lost luggage, or brainstorm ways to salvage the situation.

Taking action fosters a more positive and productive environment. Whereas slinging blame around only makes matters worse.

Appreciate One Another

Take a moment to appreciate what’s going well. Are you in a beautiful location together? Do you have each other’s company?

By shifting your focus to the positive aspects of your adventure, you can help maintain a sense of joy and adventure. It’s not over until it’s over!

Quality Time – Reconnect and Recharge

Travel mishaps can disrupt your plans, but they can also be an opportunity for unexpected quality time. Cuddle up in a cosy cafe amidst the lost luggage chaos, explore a new neighbourhood due to a missed flight, or simply enjoy a relaxing evening together after a stressful day.

Finding time to be intimate with your partner amidst the madness is all part of the fun. So, unpack those sex toys, lock the door and draw the curtains, and focus on what you do have: each other. 

Plan a “Make-Up” Activity

Once you’ve overcome the travel hurdle, consider planning a “make-up” activity to rebuild positive memories.

Enjoy a fancy dinner you had to skip due to delays, visit a hidden gem you discovered during your unplanned detour, or simply have a relaxing spa day to unwind together.

Communication Openly

After the dust settles, take some time to talk about the experience. Discuss what worked well in navigating the situation and what you can learn for future travels. Open communication strengthens your ability to tackle challenges together.

Remember, travel mishaps happen to everyone! The important thing is to focus on working together, prioritising communication, and finding solutions.

By bouncing back from unexpected bumps in the road, you can create a stronger bond and even more hilarious travel stories to share down the line.

After all, the best adventures sometimes involve overcoming unexpected challenges, hand-in-hand with your partner…


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