The Art of Storytelling: Jade Watson Discusses SickBird Productions and Amplifying Unique Narratives

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She’s experienced in the media world and has accomplished high-profile projects by founding SickBird Productions in 2019, according to the company’s LinkedIn profile. Her mission, along with her team, is to always create “scroll-stopping” content for clients using specialized approaches and tools from her firm. Who is this renowned marketing guru? I am thrilled to share exclusive insights with our readers at Social from Jade Watson of SickBird Productions. She shared her personal understandings of the industry and advice, while also emphasizing the importance of women in the creative space:

Meghan Forte: Could you describe what inspired you to go into creating a social and digital agency?

Jade Watson:  What inspired me to create a social and digital agency was my passion for storytelling. I’ve always been captivated by the power of stories, and watching social media democratize the art-form was something I knew I had to be a part of. Social media provides a unique platform to share these stories in both short and long forms.

The accessibility of social and digital media allows creators to reach a vast audience, with unique platforms for both short and long form narratives. I love being able to produce high-quality content that anyone can enjoy.

At SickBird, our mission goes beyond just storytelling; we’re committed to championing female creativity and leadership. This ability to connect, inspire, and influence millions is what drives me every day.

Meghan Forte:  Why is a female’s perspective important to you not only in marketing, but also in your leadership philosophy?

Jade Watson: A female perspective is vital to me in leadership because it transforms the traditionally masculine-dominated workplace culture. We’ve been led to believe that success requires a direct, “masculine” approach, but I am committed to integrating a human and feminine touch, especially in one-on-one interactions with my team. This approach fosters a much more collaborative environment, where everyone feels valued and invested.

In marketing, a female perspective is indispensable. Women make up half of the population, and without our voices – campaigns lack authenticity. By intentionally embedding female viewpoints into our leadership and marketing strategies, we ensure that women’s experiences are represented and valued.


Meghan Forte:  Can you share some of your future aspirations for SickBird Productions?

Jade Watson: Of course! At SickBird Productions, we have ambitious plans for the future – expanding our branded content, unscripted media, and podcasts divisions. This year, we’re particularly excited about growing our podcast network with innovative new shows while continuing to enhance our production services for existing ones. We are dedicated to developing content that highlights female perspectives. Looking ahead, we aspire to expand our podcast network, emphasizing these themes. We are also committed to growing our slate of original content, including travel and journalism-based documentaries.

If you’re like me and want to know all the latest celebrity news as well as the ins and outs of public relations and marketing, learning from experts like Ms. Jade Watson will be insightful. Thank you, Ms. Jade Watson, for sharing your time with Social The Lifestyle Magazine.

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