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Scott Manthorne is a recognized global leader in strategic business networking for 30 plus years. He was born and raised in Maine and now enjoying a nomadic lifestyle.  With a strong commitment to philanthropy, he’s excited to bring The Military Effect to the world. 

The Military Effect is a collection of powerful stories from 50 veterans and a movement that over time, will help communities outside of the military understand why veterans are so unique and why they must be part of your understanding of how we live as we do in this great country.

After finishing my 1st best seller, The Network Effect, I was looking for another project. I wanted this one to be meaningful, with a long-term commitment. Soon I found my way into the military business vertical and met many amazing veterans. It did not take long from there to formulate a plan in writing The Military Effect which are authentic stories of 50 amazing veterans, each providing unique insight into the challenges of transition and business success after service to our country. The Military Effect features 26 men and 24 women from five of the branches.  

“Through my network, I was quickly introduced to the veteran community that welcomed me with open arms, and I soon had many more potential stories to write then I could handle (a good thing!).” 

One wonders how receptive the servicemen and women would be to be included in the book and share their story. Please provide an example of somebody you interviewed.

“It was truly a humbling experience, as each veteran I spoke with was anxious to share their story.  The common theme was to share examples of what’s possible, while providing inspiration and hope to those still navigating the transition process.”

 “I’ve found that people value either your expertise or your network.  Both of those things you must work on to improve and keep refreshing.”  — George Kovatch, Coast Guard

What is the biggest takeaway from the interviews, and do you believe we can change the narrative?

“For me, the biggest takeaway is the fact that the military community is still very isolated, and that’s hard to explain. Yes, the stories written in The Military Effect help to explain why, and how we can “Change the Narrative.”

The Military Effect is available on Amazon and at www.themilitaryeffect.com

We can be found on most social media platforms, but your journey should start at www.themilitaryeffect.com.


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