Adidas x Jeremy Scott Js Wings “Basketball”


Since collaborating in 2008, Jeremy Scott and Adidas have formed one of the greatest tandems and models in the fashion world. They have been faithfully putting out new models that everyone from all different fashion backgrounds to adore. The wings on the shoe is what made them a hit when they first debuted and it still keeps them on top. This model is different though from what we usually see from Jeremy Scott. This basketball colorway is amazing due its super close resemblance to an actual basketball! The upper is formed with orange smooth leather and finished with a black bottom. Jeremy Scott and Adidas Collaborations are usually an instant hit, but some fans may disagree. Time will only tell if it becomes a fan favorite, but it is without a doubt an amazing colorway. Adidas keeps rising up in the rankings and we may see them ahead of Nike one day, until that dream comes true check out the images below and see just how close these kicks look to an actual basketball.




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