Black Dollar Album by Ricky “Rozay” Ross


Ricky “Rozay” Ross serenades the streets with his latest project cleverly entitled “Black Dollar.” The 17-tracklist mixtape is filled with A-list features by the likes of Anthony Hamilton, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, and more.


Much like most of his previous work, Ross’ content matter often varies from one extreme to the other, making it appealing to a variety of audiences. On one end of the spectrum lies the gritty street smart hustler. Ross uses this narrative to paint a picture of the harsh realities of street life, while also weaving in and out of social consciousness.
Songs such as “Foreclosure,” invokes thought on the perspective of financial responsibility within the community:

“Death Row, fast life
Foreclosed on my past life
The white man call us stupid niggas
We spend it all, nothing for our children
Had it all, now it’s repossessed
Can’t feed the clique cutting bad checks
Time to learn boy, that Cash Rules
Success is a precious jewel”

The MMG mogul also lends his imagery and powerful devices to greatly produced tracks and a stream of consciousness narrative.
Weighing in on the other end, is the more common “Look at all the money I got,” approach which paints a picture of flashiness, luxury, and all things excessive. This sophisticated street elegance is one of Ross’ signature sounds-therefore making the project a slam dunk to core fans.
In tracks such as “Money Dance” and “Bel-Air,” Ross combines this downright braggadocios delivery with witty punchlines and pop culture references:

“Bel Air, Fresh Prince
Jazzy Jeff, forty bricks
Uncle Phil, he was never there
Now we got the baddest bitches laying everywhere
Call your friends over, poetic justice
Janet Jackson braids, time to show me something
Introduce you to my cousin M
Maybe we could shoot a film
To all my jewish friends, L’chaim” – Bel-Air

This is self-proclaimed “caviar of hip-hop” is a collective success with a variety of tempos and catchy hooks to get many heads noddin’. Regardless of how one may feel about Rick Ross or even “Trap Music,” the talent shown here is undeniable.
“Black Dollar” is the perfect soundtrack for a ride around the city on pay day (I personally find it hard to be penniless listening to people brag about the elevators in their home) and another home run to add to a long string of successes.

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