Paolo & Stefano Come From Behind The Scenes To Talk About Their Life And Career

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Paolo and Stefano Models are usually used to express others people’s visions and ideas, not through their words, but through photos and fashion. This time models Stefano and Paolo get to express themselves and who they are.

Q: How long have you been modeling?

Paolo: Since I was 19.

Stefano: I’ve been modeling for about 5 years

Q: How did you get interested in being a model? 

Paolo: I got interested because I was broke. And I was working as a phone caller at a call center in Beverly Hills and I was like anything to get away from this.
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Parka by Mr. Completely, Shirt by ASOS, Jeans by Mr. Completely, Shoes by Android Homme x Coogi

Q: What has been your favorite shoot? 

Paolo: You know what my favorite one was, it was a shoot I did with Jamie Morgan for Arena Homme Plus. And that was back in 2013. Jamie shot my dad back in 1984 for the cover of The Face Magazine. Jamie shot that and then Jamie shot me 28 years later. I think he was kind of tripping out.

Stefano: My favorite shoot was one I did for Mandalay Bay. It was for New Years and we basically popped champagne and threw confetti around. Also they painted us gold. It was a really fun shoot.


Look 1: Moto Jacket by Burberry Brit, Jeans by ZARA  Look 2: Jacket by U.E.G , Jeans by Top Man, Shoes by Android Homme x Coogi

Q: What are your hobbies?

Paolo: I like to surf and I’ve been surfing since I was 8 years old, and I’m getting back to rock climbing. I liked being outdoorsy, but being in London I couldn’t be and it sucked so I taught myself how to sound engineer, and I’ve been doing it on the side.

Stefano: I like being active, surfing, exploring, and reading.

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment? 

Paolo: My greatest accomplishment was doing the spring/ summer 16 Aldo campaign. They had my photo 50 feet tall in Time Square. Crazy story I was working at a hotel at the time and doing the night shift. I go off about 3 or 4 in the morning and I was riding my bike home when I seen the guys putting up the billboard, and I ask them hey who is that guy. And they were like oh shit it’s you. That was a pretty awesome feeling.

Stefano: Being genuinely happy on a day to day basis.

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Hat by Liberty or Death, Trench by Celine, Hoody by Control Sector, Shoes by Android Homme x Coogi

Q: Is modeling your dream job or do you plan on doing something else? 

Paolo: Hell no I love it and it has given me opportunity. I don’t know if it is music. I love it and love doing it and love making it. I love to seeing people react to it. I love storytelling and I’ve been thinking about getting into acting. I want t o do something that people helps people escape. Anything that has to do with storytelling.

Stefano: I plan on modeling for the next few years while I still can. Then pursue photography or something in the music field.

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Hat by Liberty or Death, Suit by Top Man, Shirt by Skingraft, Shoes by Android Homme x Coogi

Q: What advice to do have for aspiring models? 

Paolo: Be patient. Be very very patient.

Stefano: Don’t be afraid of haters.

Q: What does fashion mean to you? 

Stefano: A way to express oneself without words.


Team Credits:

Model Stefano Churchill @StefanoChurchill

Model Paolo Gallardo @Paolomojito

Photography by Ashley Walker @AshleySkyWalker

Wardrobe Styling by Chalia Breonn @ChaliaBreonn

Hair Styling by Tonya Le @Onlytonyale

Make Up Karl Pua @Bigpua

Shoot Producer Raphel Young @RTMagency

Interview by @Dev_Rog


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