Russell Crowe feud with airline over hoverboards

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Just days after Christmas, Russell Crowe began a Twitter rant with Virgin Australia airline for banning hoverboards as carry ons. Crowe’s children only wanted to bring them along and were not permitted to.

He tweeted, “Ridiculous @VirginAustralia. No Segway boards as luggage? Too late to tell us at airport.Kids and I offloaded. Goodbye Virgin. Never again.”

Virgin Australia responded with, “Hi Russell, due to safety concerns over the lithium ion batteries in hoverboards these have been banned on all major Australian airlines and many around the world.”

Everything would have been fine if Crowe had known his kids were not allowed to bring them when purchasing the tickets.

Crowe was still unpleased and tweeted back, “.@VirginAustralia I’m awaiting your reply, where is your duty of responsibility in this? Why not tell me when I am booking my ticket?”

The hoverboards are reportedly banned due to the lithium batteries.

Others agreed with the airline tweeting back with remarks like, “”It’s there in black and white old chap. No lithium batteries. You are in the wrong,” and “Russell Crowe upset about being treated like the rest of us?” “Hoverboards are catching fire….I don’t want one on my plane, either.”

Australian airlines are not the only ones to place the ban, U.S. and British airlines have banned traveling with hoverboards.[1]


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