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Build Your Personal Brand as a Job Seeker with These 4 Tools

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Finding the right job is not as easy as it sounds. Modern job seekers have more opportunities than ever before regarding how they can work and where they can work. Whether you are looking for freelance, remote or full-time on-site work, making a great impression on a particular employer is important. The average job opening attracts roughly 250 applicants.

If you are looking for a way to make your resume or application stand-out, then work on building your personal brand. Companies love being able to Google search an applicant’s name and finding tons of great information about them. Building this personal brand will require the use of various tools. Here are just some of the tools you can use when building your personal brand.

Build your personal brand with these tools 

1. ResumeBuild Helps You Make a Great First Impression

Going online and applying for a job is something millions of people do every year. If you want to make a great impression on a potential employer, your resume needs to be top-notch. Instead of sending out the same old tired resume in hopes of capturing the attention of an HR professional, you should go about ResumeBuild to optimize this important document.

With ResumeBuild, you can choose from a number of resume templates. These templates are designed to help you create a professional-looking resume in no time. A great-looking and informative resume can help you land the job of your dreams.

2. Use Canva to Optimize Your Twitter Posts

Having a presence on social media is a key component of a successful personal branding strategy. Sending out tweets that are both industry-specific and engaging can help you attract a lot of attention. One of the biggest problems you will face when trying to increase your engagement on Twitter is finding the right images to put with your tweets.

Most successful business professionals and marketing gurus use Canva to solve this common problem. This tool allows you to create an image and use it to optimize your tweets. You can also use Canva on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

3. Monitor Your Online Presence With Mention

If you are putting in a lot of work trying to build a personal brand, monitoring what is being said about you online is a must. Programs like Mention provide business professionals with the tools they need to find out where their name is being mentioned on social media platforms.

Knowing how your name is being used and in what context on social media can help you figure out whether or not your mission of creating a winning personal brand is a success. You can also set up email notifications on Mention to receive alerts when your name is mentioned online.

Use these tools to create and monitor your personal brand 

4. Extend Your Social Media Reach By Using Followeronk

Are you looking for a way to use the power of analytics to build your personal brand? If you answered yes, then using Followerwonk is a fantastic idea. This program helps you monitor Twitter analytics to figure out how well connected you are and where the possibilities of extending your network are. Followerwonk allows you to search Twitter profiles and find the ones that align with your interests and profession.

With this list of possible connections in hand, you can start the process of extending your reach on social media. Identifying and reaching out to thought leaders in your industry can help you take your personal brand to the next level.

Brand Building Takes Time

Achieving your personal branding goals is no easy task. It will take years of time and dedication to create a brand people respect. This is why you need to avoid getting frustrated when you don’t achieve immediate success.

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