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Top Places to Buy a House in Canada

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If you’re looking to buy real estate in Canada this year, you’re going to have to do some research and account for some surprising factors. During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started to value being able to work remotely and away from densely populated cities more. This is why we’ve seen suburban real estate prices soar during the past couple of years. 

Does this mean that you shouldn’t buy a house in heavily populated areas? Well, not really. Here are some of the top places to buy a house in Canada today. 

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Taking into consideration everything we said about the pandemic, Thunder Bay is the ideal place to live. It’s located close to the United States, yet it’s still considered a small city. Thunder Bay offers a mix of big-city opportunities and small-city affordability and affords plenty of free time for outdoor activities and nature appreciation. The estimated average selling price for a single-detached home in Thunder Bay this year was $366,350. 

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada’s capital is one of the best places to live if you wish to experience a high quality of life. The metropolis offers everything you could possibly want due to its thriving economy and multicultural diversity, from big career and educational opportunities to tons of activities you can partake in. Ottawa is also second in quality of life in the American continent, as well as the third cleanest city in the entire world. The average price for a house in Ottawa in May of 2022 was $731,306. 

Mississauga, Ontario

The city of Mississauga is a great city to settle down in. If you want to live in a diverse community, Mississauga is the place for you. It’s quite densely populated, and over 50% of the population speaks a second language. It has a wide selection of activities that you can participate in. 

The average selling price for a house in Mississauga as of May 2022 is $1,170,211. Though this may be quite pricey, you can most definitely find cheaper homes for sale in Mississauga, ON if you spend the time to look for them. Don’t miss your chance to settle in this bustling city with plenty of opportunities ready to be snatched up.

Charlottetown, PEI

Charlottetown is a lovely city to move into if you’re looking for a good quality of life without having to ensure the noise and bustle of a metropolis. The scenery is beautiful and housing prices are generally low. The community is also a big part of why life in Charlottetown is so peaceful: they’ve banded together during hard times and have overcome the difficulties of the pandemic with grace. The average price for a house in Charlottetown is $339,000. 

Becoming a homeowner doesn’t have to be a distant dream for anyone in any region of Canada. There are countless reasons why you’d want to purchase a house, ranging from not having to continuously pay rent, to building equity and having a place to call your own. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or not, this article has hopefully shed some light on where to look if you want to buy your very own house.


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